Sep 22

Pedagogy of UMI Education

The 65th General Chapter of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate, held in 2015, gave the mandate to have a well-articulated PEDAGOGY OF UMI EDUCATION. In response to it, a five member committee was formed whose commitment and dedication enabled to prepare the document which defines clearly the vision and mission of Ursuline education.

The book was released on a significant day – 4th September 2020, the Feast of the Foundress, Bl. Brigida Morello at the Ursuline Provincialate, Bengaluru.

Sep 22

Milestone in the Mission in Tanzania

The mission of the Ursulines extended to the soil of Africa in Tanzania, on 11th May 2001, has grown steadily for the past 20 years.

Sr. Geena Vengathanam, one of the pioneers committed herself with perseverance, hard work and sacrificing spirit for the growth of the mission. She was appointed as the First Superior of the Tanzanian Mission in August 2012, and continued motivating the sisters and coordinating the different activities of the mission until 2020.

Gratitude overwhelmed the heart of every Ursuline Sister, as she handed over the baton, to Sr. Kusum Panthalanickal, the newly appointed Superior of the Mission.

God’s abundant blessings were implored upon Sr. Kusum, as she assumed the responsibility of the Mission in Tanzania, on 15th August 2020.


Jun 18

Abundant Blessings …

Marvellous indeed are the ways of God. The Ursuline Sisters rejoiced, for the blessings in abundance in our mission in Tanzania as four of the sisters made their Final commitment – First ever in Tanzania, Africa.  

Congratulations Dear Sisters!


Jun 12

Pre-chapter Assembly 2020

Pre-chapter Assembly was an experience of togetherness, occasion for spiritual renewal and moments of rejuvenation. It was a time for search together, to assess the life and mission of the sisters in the Province, and to envision the future to live the Charism meaningfully in this present time.

Due to the prevailing situation of the Pandemic COVID-19 and the consequent situation of lockdown the pre-chapter Assembly was conducted effectively in the communities from 11th to 15th May 2020.

Assembly was a time of reflection, sharing and discerning together to be persons who are “AWAKENED TO SOW PROPHETIC HOPE” in the uncertainties and complexities of our time. The invitation is to journey from a self-centered life to a – God-centered, other-centered and mission-oriented life, so that the UMI way of life may be more meaningful.

Jun 05

First and Final Profession 2020

Radiant in Christ, Empowering Lives

We reminisce the blessings of the Lord and acknowledge with gratitude the wonderful gifts of 12 sisters who pronounced their Final Commitment on 20th May 2020. Having responded to the loving invitation of the Lord, they pledged to tread the path trodden by the Foundress, Blessed Brigida of Jesus.

It was also a day of rejoicing as six of the Novices made their First Commitment to their DIVINE MASTER. They readily and generously answered God’s call, to continue His mission.

As in the words of the Psalmist, “Look to Him, and be Radiant”, (Ps. 34:5) they determined to gaze at Christ and be deeply committed to Him. May their joyful dedication enable them to empower the lives of the people, responding daringly and creatively to the signs of the time.

Jun 05

God’s Blessings









Golden Jubilee of religious profession is truly a significant milestone, celebrating GOD’S LOVE and FIDELITY in the life of a religious. With exuberant joy and profound thanksgiving to God, the golden jubilarians of the year 2020 celebrated the great moments in their lives on 8th February 2020. Their hearts overwhelmed as they celebrated God’s call, His faithfulness, His mercy which had been the anchor of their religious life.

St. Paul writes – “God is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine” (Eph. 3:20) God has done wonderful things through the availability of each one of the jubilarians and through the zeal of their mission.

Jun 05

Venturing into the New Mission


The dream of Sacred Heart Province became a reality on 1st May 2019, as Sr. Juliana Fernandes and Sr. Vincy Maramattathil set off to the land of United Kingdom. With deep faith and trust in the Lord, they left the familiar paths to the new horizons accompanied by Sr. Kusum Panthalanickal, the Provincial Superior.

It was truly a momentous occasion to have the Ursuline presence in UK so that the sisters manifest new ways of witnessing the Charism of the Congregation. They take care of the pastoral needs of the people in the parish of Our Lady of Fatima, Poole, in the Diocese of Plymouth.


Jun 03

Orientation Program…..

The Orientation Program for the Superiors of the communities of the Province enabled them to acquire skills as efficient and effective leaders.

The importance of the process of discernment and inter-personal skills in community building, motivated them to focus on their inner resources.

They were reinvigorated to exercise their leadership roles as committed persons to achieve their goals.


Jun 02

May God Guide and Lead You………..

Congratulations and God’s choicest blessings to the newly appointed Provincial Superior, Sr. Nikesh Mecherithakadiel and team.

Jesus the greatest leader exhibited the characteristics of Vision, Courage, Integrity and Humility. May they embody these characteristic traits of a great leader. Jesus the Good Shepherd kindle their hearts to be Visionary Leaders to lead the Province with integrity, courage and humility.   

Jun 02

(No title)

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul…”

Deep appreciation  and  heartfelt  thanks  to  the  Provincial Superior,  Sr.Kusum Panthalanickal and team for their  loving, dedicated and tireless service as effective leaders. May God continue to reward them abundantly for their service with love.

Blessed Brigida Morello be their inspiration to continue the journey of life and make their mission more relevant.

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