Jun 05

Venturing into the New Mission


The dream of Sacred Heart Province became a reality on 1st May 2019, as Sr. Juliana Fernandes and Sr. Vincy Maramattathil set off to the land of United Kingdom. With deep faith and trust in the Lord, they left the familiar paths to the new horizons accompanied by Sr. Kusum Panthalanickal, the Provincial Superior.

It was truly a momentous occasion to have the Ursuline presence in UK so that the sisters manifest new ways of witnessing the Charism of the Congregation. They take care of the pastoral needs of the people in the parish of Our Lady of Fatima, Poole, in the Diocese of Plymouth.


Jun 03

Orientation Program…..

The Orientation Program for the Superiors of the communities of the Province enabled them to acquire skills as efficient and effective leaders.

The importance of the process of discernment and inter-personal skills in community building, motivated them to focus on their inner resources.

They were reinvigorated to exercise their leadership roles as committed persons to achieve their goals.


Jun 02

May God Guide and Lead You………..

Congratulations and God’s choicest blessings to the newly appointed Provincial Superior, Sr. Nikesh Mecherithakadiel and team.

Jesus the greatest leader exhibited the characteristics of Vision, Courage, Integrity and Humility. May they embody these characteristic traits of a great leader. Jesus the Good Shepherd kindle their hearts to be Visionary Leaders to lead the Province with integrity, courage and humility.   

Jun 02

(No title)

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul…”

Deep appreciation  and  heartfelt  thanks  to  the  Provincial Superior,  Sr.Kusum Panthalanickal and team for their  loving, dedicated and tireless service as effective leaders. May God continue to reward them abundantly for their service with love.

Blessed Brigida Morello be their inspiration to continue the journey of life and make their mission more relevant.

Jun 02

Final and First Commitment

24th April 2019, dawned with a joyful note in the life of Sr. Geena Dias, Sr. Rajani Toppo, Sr. Helen Flavy and Sr. Evitta Thomas as they pledged their lives to the Lord, pronouncing their FINAL YES to Jesus their Divine Master.

May the Lord strengthen and bless them with His singular graces to be faithful to Him till the end of their life.

On the same day Sr. Shoba Kharchand joyfully pronounced her FIRST COMMITMENT to Jesus her Spouse. 

They were commissioned to be Inflamed by His Love to Ignite the World.


May 26

Profession in Tanzania

A moment of grace for the Sacred Heart Province in Tanzania as Three African’s professed their YES to the Lord……

The day was filled with blessings as sisters from various of our communities in Tanzania came together to celebrate the special day. The presence of the Superior General Sr. Elvira, General Secretary Sr. Mabel. Sr. Kusum Provincial of Sacred Heart Province, Provincial Superiors of Vimala and Nirmala Provinces Srs. Nirupa, Rupa and Sr. Pushpa also added extra joy to the occasion.




Feb 23

UMI Lay Associates – Gathering


Ursulines of Mary Immaculate Lay Association 

Sacred Heart Province

Meeting of the UMI Lay associates of Karnataka Region was a joyful moment in the History of the Sacred Heart Province. On February 10th 2019 the lay associates of the different communities in Karnataka decided to come together. The lay associates from Chellekere. Bande Bommsandra and Davis road were present. The programme commenced with a short prayer lead by Sr. Edith. Sr. Kusum welcomed the gathering and introduced the purpose of the lay associates and its importance in the Congregation. Sr. Matilda and Sr. Alice shared on the spirituality of the Foundress, the origin of the Lay associates and its vision and mission. The meeting was concluded with a meaningful Eucharist where in father also stressed the purpose of the Lay associations in the Congregations. Everyone expressed that it was a lively and fruitful day and they learnt a lot about our Foundress and the Congregation.



Dec 17

Hostel Day


The hostel experience of Dr. Garima Mohan who is staying in Ursuline girls’ hostel for the past 5 yrs. Time just flies , it feels that I have come yesterday only. It has been a great experience staying in such a peaceful place where one can, not only widen the knowledge or to say, to get a degree and to move away but it is a place where one is helped to achieve a peaceful state of mind and to bring out the best in oneself.

Indian Sage Purandara Dâsa sang – “There exists my divine abode; this earth was never my true home …”  Look at the way our human mind works. But as for me  I feel that I have had the foretaste of my true  home  here in this hostel. I have no doubt that I Have  learned the most  – to flow like a river that neither clings to its banks nor shies away from rocks. Accept each situation as it comes and  to relish  things  that are divine in nature. Whatever I have become today is only because of Srs. Denise and Anila who are  not my wardens but they are  mothers who are vigilant, encouraging always, patient and motivators with exactness. I do feel free to share my struggles and pains, joys and sorrows with them. Their encouraging words are balm to the souls


Dec 17

Provincial Chapter

The sixth Provincial Chapter of the Sacred Heart Province of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate was held at the Provincialate, 26 Davis Road, Bangalore, India, from 04 to 10 November 2014. It opened a new page in the history of both the Institute and the Province. Having gone through a period of intense preparation through prayer and sacrifices, we are determined to commit ourselves to a life of renewal and transformation in order to be authentic UMIs with the theme: “WITH EYES FIXED ON JESUS CRUCIFIED AND RISEN WE STRIVE TO BUILD A WORLD OF LOVE AND PEACE”.

Sr. Kusum Panthalanickal, the Provincial Superior, formally welcomed Rt. Rev. Francis Serrao SJ, Bishop of Shimoga, the facilitator, Sr. Berchmans Kuzhimattathil, Vicar General the observer, 28 delegates and two Sisters representing the juniors.  In her welcome address the Provincial said that the Provincial Chapter is a grace-filled moment in the annals of the Province in shaping the destiny of our communities and our Province for the next 6 years.

She further stated that the purpose of the Chapter is to look into the present situation objectively and wake up to the call to respond to the signs of the time and to envision a new way of living as UMIs. Thereafter the Facilitator led the group into recollection with an inspiring reflection on the theme, stressing that it is a call to live as Jesus lived, to love as Jesus loved, and to labour as Jesus laboured. “A world of love and peace’’ is possible. Our world can be changed, humanity can be transformed, if all open themselves to the infinite, unconditional love and mercy of God.

Sr. Kusum in her inaugural address emphasized the importance of being rooted in God to reach out to the suffering humanity of today.  She reminded the delegates of the Chapter that we will not be able to build a world of love and peace without suffering and the cross. In this context we are called to make a difference in the world of today as UMIs. Sr. Kusum Panthalanickal, the Provincial Superior declared the 6th Provincial Chapter open by invoking the  Holy Spirit and the intercession of Mary our Mother and Bl. Brigida our Foundress.

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