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Tanzanian Mission

Africa mission

Tanzanian Mission- a blessing of God: 14th May 2001 the birth of African Mission at Songea, Tanzania with Srs. Geena Vengathanam, Alinda Jose and Succorin Rebello as Pioneers from the Sacred Heart Province.“Praise God with shouts of joy, all ye people! Sing to the glory of his name; How wonderful are His deeds!  Everyone on earth worships Him; they sing praises to His name.” The Provincial team gratefully acknowledges the committed and sacrificing life of our sisters in the mission. It is the dedication and passion for the mission that enables them to accomplish the impossible. Truly their trust and providence in the Lord is commendable.  


Ursuline Convent-Tabata:  The convent owned by us at Tabata is 10 km away from the Dar-es-Salaam, airport, it is almost in the city.  This is a transit home. The sisters are involved in the educational apostolate  and teach in the diocesan school. The hostel for school-going children helps the girl-child to pursue education at an affordable cost.


Ursuline Convent-Buyuni:  Buyuni is about 35 km away from Dar-es-Salaam, Tabata and the village is thinly populated. There is neither public transport nor electricity. Solar is the only source of energy.  The Nursery School is owned by us  and there are around 100 children. At present the sisters are staying in a small house and the construction of the convent is underway.

Ursuline Convent-Songea: It is situated 1000 km away from Dar-es-Salaam and is in the city.  This convent belongs to the diocese of Songea. The educational apostolate in the diocesan school is an opportunity to illumine the minds of the young and to instil Christian faith in them.

africa (2)Ursuline Convent-Lihwena: Our formation house has nurtured many young minds to follow Jesus and His teachings.  It is situated in a village around 7 km away from Songea.  Here again the only source of energy is solar energy. After 13 years of loving service to the people of the place, today the Ursuline Family has 13 budding junior sisters who live the spirituality of Blessed Brigida. They are either part of a community or are studying outside.

At present we have 18 student candidates who attend the school daily.  There are only 3 candidates and no postulants for the year. In the Novitiate  there is only one first year novice, a Congo vocation, who is part of the Italian Province.

Ursuline Convent-Mpandagindo: This community which belongs to the diocese of Songea, is situated around 21 km away from Songea. The health and the socio-pastoral apostolate is a boon for the poor villagers. There is no electricity and solar  is the only energy available.













URSULINE CONVENT TABATA “WITH EYES FIXED ON JESUS CRUCIFIED AND RISEN WE STRIVE TO BUILD A WORLD OF LOVE AND PEACE” Here we are after a long period of silence!!!!! At the Ursuline Convent Tabata, we are all in good health and cheers as the Lord continue to bless us in abundance. This second quarter …

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