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Blessed Brigida Morello                                                                  St. Ursula

Foundress (1610 – 1679)                                                                                                       Patroness   

Feast: 4th September                                                                                                   Feast: 21st October 




       Mother House                          Casa Generalizia                            Ursuline Provincialate
       Istituto Orsoline di M. I                          Orsoline di M.I                            26, Davis Road
       Via Roma, 42                         Via Dandolo, 46                            St. Thomas town P.O
       29100 Piacenza, Italy                         00153 Roma, Italy                            Bengaluru 560084, India

UMI Spirituality

  The Spirituality of Blessed Brigida of Jesus, born of a profound God Consciousness, draws inspiration from the Ignatian spirituality, being ‘contemplative in action’. She is always portrayed holding a Crucifix in her hand; in her exhortations to her daughters she never failed to recommend contemplation of Jesus Crucified and Risen as the basic characteristic …

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History of the Institute

1.The Congregation of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate (UMI), was founded in Piacenza, Italy, on 17th February 1649, by Blessed Brigida Morello under the patronage of St. Ursula, after whom the Institute is named. 2. Protectress, Patroness, Foundress: The  Foundress had a filial devotion to Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God and took her as the …

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History of the Province

On 12th November 1934 five Italian missionaries with dauntless courage and determination landed in the Indian soil and gave birth to the first branch of the Congregation in the mission land. The Congregation began to flourish in India when a good number of dedicated young women joined the pioneer band imbibing their zeal and enthusiasm …

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Pioneers and Visionaries

A VISIONARY LEADER – MOTHER FELICE RADINI TEDESCHI We, the Ursulines in India look to you as the ‘Mission Foundress’ For, you actualized the Founderss’ vision of an ‘overseas mission.’ You, visualized the possibility of pursuing an untrodden path Until then by women of ancient days! You belonged to a family of reform, of Swiss …

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Ursuline Lily

SERVANT OF GOD MARIA CELINE KANNANAIKAL                                                                                                      Sr. Maria Celine Kannanaikal was born at Kundanoor, on 13th February 1931, in …

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Our Leaders

GOVERNANCE AND LEADERSHIP The mission of Leadership is about taking on the mind and heart of Jesus who led His disciples as graced companions. His was a transforming leadership whereby He offered vision, energy, challenge and courage to those who came into His circle. Leadership is about relationships. It is a process of relationship created …

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