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1993 – 2020

St. Mary’s Convent, Newasa, Maharashtra – 1993     


Newasa is a developing town in Ahmednagar District, which is under the jurisdiction of Catholic Diocese of Nashik. The Catholic Mission at Newasa was run by the Jesuits of Bombay Province.

In the year 1993, Newasa mission was handed over to the Diocesan administration and the school was entrusted to the Ursulines. 25th May 1993, was a red letter day as the Ursulines made their presence in this land.

The Diocese put up few classrooms in a temporary building and was given to the Ursulines for the use of the school. In 1997, the school was shifted to a new building under construction a few kilometers away, as there were no rooms in the old temporary building. The sisters stayed in the old place and conducted classes in the new place.

The inauguration of the new school took place on 14th December 1997, by Rt. Rev. Thomas Bhalerao, Bishop of Nashik. The sisters shifted their residence to the new school building in 1998. In the same year the existing old school building was converted as a boarding for the girls. Though it belonged to the parish the sisters were looking after the boarders.

In the year 2003, the foundation stone was laid for the convent and for the Administrative block of the school. In 2004, the newly erected convent and the administrative block were blessed by Bishop Thomas Bhalerao.

The responsibility of running the boarding for the girls was given to the Ursulines in 2006. Since the construction of Jnana Mata Hostel was underway, the girls were accommodated in the school. In July 2006, the Jnana Mata Hostel was blessed by Fr. Peter Dias, the Vicar General of Nashik Diocese, and from then on hundreds of girls of poor background from the villages receive accommodation while they pursue their education.

St. Mary’s School gives due importance to the education of girls, Catholics and Christians belonging to economically backward class. Besides catering to the educational needs of the children around, priority is also given for family visits, family prayer, BCC meetings and joining in celebration of the Holy Eucharist in faraway villages.

             Jnana Mata Convent, Newasa, Maharashtra – 2003

In the year 1993, Rt. Rev. Thomas Bhalerao S.J., Bishop of Nashik, invited the sisters to start an English Medium School. This was the birth of St. Mary’s School Newasa.

The parish at Newasa ran a boarding for both boys and girls. The little house at Phata, Newasa which was occupied by the sisters from 1993 to1998 became a new hostel for the girls and they were entrusted to the care of the Ursulines.

By dint of hard work and negotiations with various land owners and generous neighbours, three acres of fertile land was acquired for the purpose of putting up a hostel for the girls and for cultivation.

Meanwhile the discussions were on between Bishop Thomas Bhalerao, the parish priest at Newasa and the sisters, to request about the possibility of handing over the girls’ boarding entirely to the Ursulines. The main objective was the faith formation of the girls and their physical and spiritual well-being. It was finally agreed to hand over the girls’ boarding in 2006.

In 2005, the foundation stone was laid for the construction of Jnana Mata Convent and boarding for girls. Since the responsibility of running the boarding was given to the Ursulines and the construction of Jnana Mata Hostel was underway, the girls were accommodated in St. Mary’s school. In July 2006, the Jnana Mata Hostel was blessed by Fr. Peter Dias, the Vicar General of Nashik Diocese.

Jnana Mata boarding accommodates girls from poor Catholic families of the interior villages of Newasa Parish. They go to the nearby Marathi Medium School and those who are able to cope with the English Medium Syllabus are sent to St. Mary’s School. Most of the girls are sponsored by Italian benefactors through mother Giovanna Alberoni UMI.

Social Work

In June 2001, the Ursulines conceded to the insistence of the parish priest of having a sister set apart entirely for the social work in the area. The Samaj Vikas Samiti Trust was formed in 2002 which caters to the needs of thousands of people through various socio–pastoral activities.

Faith formation, accompanying the parish priest for village masses, prayer services conducted in the catholic homes, catechism classes, BCC prayer meetings, family visits are the regular activities of the socio-pastoral apostolate at Jnana Mata Convent, Newasa.

Morello Centre, Panvel, Maharashtra – 2011

In 2001, the Ursulines purchased a land in the suburb of Greater Mumbai – in Reedwadi, for the construction of a hospital. Subsequently, it was realized that a hospital was not the real need of the area; hence, a new apostolate that would be more beneficial to the people of the area was discerned.

God’s plan was accomplished when the new foundation – ‘Morello Centre’ was blessed on 8th December 2011 and utilized as a ‘Convalescent Clinic’.

The centre is a home away from home, for those who are recovering from post-elective surgeries, cardiac surgeries, orthopedic conditions, injuries or any other health-related problems.

The patients are accorded holistic care – addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of recovery.

Morello Centre offers 24-hour nursing care to the patients. The sisters also cater to the common health needs of the locality and neighbouring villages with the help of Mobile Clinic and Medical Camps.

Holy Family Convent, Kurla, Maharashtra – 2005

Holy Family Convent had a humble beginning with a small community of sisters to run the Holy Family Institute of Nursing Education.

The blessing and inauguration of Holy Family Institute of Nursing Education took place on 1st August 2005. The Catholic Nurses Guild of India, situated at Amboli, Andheri West, came forward and invited the Ursulines to use their premises which suited the needs to run the nursing classes. In the following year, it was difficult to obtain the renewal of lease and license.

Hence Holy Family Institute of Nursing Education was moved to Arkisha Kendra, the twin bungalow at Naigaon to continue its activities. It was very inconvenient to conduct the classes and accommodate the nurses. As the days went by, five more apartments were acquired for the students’ accommodation. In 2008, the new living quarters were blessed.

Unforeseen problems were confronted in the new place like scarcity of water, purchase of provisions, problem for a transport to Holy Family Hospital and back etc. By God’s grace every trial was faced not as an obstacle but a grace to walk towards a greater future.

In 2013, Holy Family Convent and a well-equipped nursing school was blessed and inaugurated at Kurla. The Holy Family Institute of Nursing Education was shifted to the new premises which is directly under the administration of Holy Family Hospital.