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1973 – 1992

Holy Family Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai – 1978                                                                                                                                                                    

The Holy Family Hospital, has an interesting history. Its humble beginnings as a dispensary and nursing home called ‘Silverine’ started by Dr. (Capt.) Austin Da Silva at Bandra, on 22nd December 1941 was sold to the Medical Mission Sisters in 1953, who renamed it Holy Family Hospital. It had 22 beds, mostly for Maternity.

In 1978, Medical Mission Sisters decided to transfer the Hospital to another congregation because of their changed policies. The Ursulines were requested and with the decision to accept the management, the hospital was handed over without any financial transaction on 11th February 1978.
The first band of Ursulines along with a team of dedicated staff gradually saw the small nursing home blossom into Holy Family Hospital, Bandra.

Even though the hospital needed expansion and better facilities, there were lot of difficulties in terms of land and finance. With the benevolence and goodness of the people, the constraints and the hurdles were faced and the dream of having a hospital with 136 beds was realized on 17th November 1985. Its blessing was done by his Eminence Cardinal Simon Pimenta in the presence of many dignitaries and personalities. The hospital has evolved over the years from Maternity Home to a General Hospital to meet the needs of all communities living in Bandra. Today it caters to the health needs of thousands from the rapidly expanding western suburbs.

The hospital had the permission from Maharashtra Nursing Council to conduct a Multipurpose Health Workers Course (ANM) in 1993. However, it was discontinued in 1995.

Even though the hospital has faced defiant strikes, dharnas from the unionized employees and the constant tension from the tenants, the guidance and the providential care of the Lord has never failed. The unceasing support, encouragement of many benefactors, friends and well-wishers has enabled the progressive growth of the management of the hospital.

As the years rolled by, it has developed and reached a 232 bedded tertiary centre with the strong support of staff and consultants in various specialties. What the hospital has achieved till the present day is the result of strong team work, of the management and the sisters, doctors, staff and employees.

November 1985: Holy Family opened as a 100-bed hospital with basic facilities through minor improvements within the next three years, the bed-strength progressively increased to 136.
July 1991: A separate residence ‘Shalom’ was constructed for the sisters and nurses.
June 1992: The 5th floor was completed and commissioned. The 4th floor was converted to accommodate 39 more patients.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – NICU was set up with 11 beds including incubators and warmers providing level II Intensive neonatal nursing care.
June 1993: For Emergency cardiac-care facilities were provided in the casuality. Tests such as Cardiac Stress Test and 2D Echo, Sonography were also introduced. The new wing has provisions to offer interventional cardiology.
March 1996: A C.T. Scanner was installed and rooms fitted for the purpose.
May 1997: The department of surgery is a full-fledged department with over 20 highly qualified surgeons and is recognized by the University of Mumbai for Post-Graduate training in Surgery.
September 1997: The Dialysis Unit was started.
September 1998: Surgeries of all kinds are performed and acquired the latest in micro-surgical equipment. Imaging department has a range of modern equipment.
Pastoral Care Department
On 6th June, 1991 a Pastoral Care Unit was set up in Holy Family Hospital with the aim of providing medical care with ‘holistic healing’. It continues to bring comfort, succour and solace to thousands of patients through selfless and loving service.

Navjeet Community Health Centre
Holy Family Hospital initiated a pilot Public Health Program in 1979 to reach out to the poor in the slums.
The main objective was comprehensive health care and self-health. Training of health workers to work in grass root level was a prominent feature of the centre.

In the year 1996, the Community Department of the Holy Family Hospital became Navjeet Community Health Centre being an independent entity.

In the year 2006, marked Navjeet’s venture into rural India, when it took up the cause of primitive bonded tribals through integrated Development of Villages in Shahapur Taluk, Thane District. The Rehabilitation Centre ‘Arkisha – A ray of Hope’ was blessed and inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Thomas Dabre, Bishop of Vasai on 17th February 2006 at Naigaon.

Navjeet Community Centre, the hub of its activities, was renovated in 2008 for greater efficiency in operations.
The Curative, Preventive, Promotive, Rehabilitative and Research aspects are key stones of the Navjeet Health program. A network of community health workers provides health and sanitation awareness to the target groups. They insure immunization, treat minor illness and refer patients to the hospital. Navjeet regularly conducts health camps to teach healthy habits, yoga and exercise, to inculcate a positive lifestyle. Navjeet’s comphresive health care is specially directed towards preventable morbidity and mortality, resulting in better quality of life.

Through the decades Navjeet continues to promote Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan through various initiatives: Balwadis, partnership with BMC schools, evening tuition centres. Initiative has been designed to give the children all-round, value-based education with emphasis on academics, health check, sports, music, dance, holiday programs etc.

The ‘Nav-woman’ is organized into self-help groups, Mahila mandals and Community based organizations. Navjeet organises various raining programs on subjects like Income generation, Right to Information, Legal Rights and Government Schemes etc.
Navjeet’s Amar Credit Co-operative Society mobilizes small savings and provides loans for small business.
Navjeet reaches out in caring for the Senior Citizens by helping the needy with monthly provisions, health care, assistance in procuring ID Cards to qualify for Senior Citizen benefits.

With all the experience and expertise gained over the years, Navjeet continues its commitment to the marginalised, disadvantaged and exploited sections of the society.

The constant support from Holy Family Hospital and the Shalom Community is Najveet’s mainstay.

‘Health is harmony’ with this Motto the Holy Family Hospital has a holistic approach to medical care and make its commitment manifest God’s love for others in the world. This haven of healing functions very effectively for the health and wholeness of thousands of God’s people.

St. Joseph’s Convent, Nashik, Maharashtra – 1992

St. Joseph’s Convent, the UMI community was a cherished dream of sisters to reside closer to the school premises which became a reality. The new convent was blessed and inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Thomas Bhalerao S.J., Bishop of Nashik, on 26th April 1992. Though the school started in June 1975, the sisters were housed at Nirmala Home for the Aged till this new structure of the convent was put up on the land adjoining the school.

As the past is recalled with fondness, a remarkable change for the better is witnessed, casting a glow over the years that Kilbil St. Joseph’s School has travelled. It’s all due to the hard work of the sisters who have painstakingly striven to raise the standard of the yester-years, preparing better prospects for the coming generations.

Realizing the requirement for more space for the K.G section, the existing K.G section – a pyramid-shaped complex was demolished in 2005. With the new structure the school has a new look in the shape of ‘E’ for Education.
The main apostolate in St. Joseph’s Convent is the management and running of the High School in which all the sisters are involved. The school has made a steady progress and has now become a full-fledged institution having classes from Nursery to Std X. The mission of education progresses steadily in spite of many challenges.

Besides the apostolate of education the sisters are also engaged in the parish activities, visiting the families, helping the elderly in Nirmala Home for the Aged, teaching Catechism in the parish and imparting value based education.