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Sr. Amala Lobo

 Sr. Amala Lobo 

D.O.B : 10.01.1952

Professed: 24.05.1976

 R.I.P : 05.08.2017  

        “I heard a voice from heaven saying, blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. ‘Blessed indeed,’ says the Spirit, ‘that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them!” (Rev.14/13)

Sr. Amala Lobo, who was loved much, slipped away gently and with angelic serenity to the bosom of her loving Father as she breathed her last on 5th August 2017, at 3. 30 p.m. in the Holy Family Hospital, Bandra as the Ursuline sisters and her brother’s family commended her soul to the Heavenly Father. God looked down upon the earth and found the tired face of Sr. Amala, He put His arms round her and lifted her to His Heavenly Home for eternal rest. After the season of suffering, God in all His grace restored, confirmed, strengthened and established her in His Kingdom.

Sr. Amala began her earthly journey on 10th January 1952 in Kavoor, in the Diocese of Mangalore as the 4th child of Angeline and John Lobo. She was christened at St. Lawrence Church, Bondel. She was fondly called ‘Lilly’ at home by her two brothers, Albert and Dominic and her sisters Theresa and Rosy. After finishing the SSLC, with a deep desire to belong to her beloved Lord, Sr. Amala joined the Ursuline family on 28th May 1973, Kannur, Kerala. She entered the Novitiate on 20th May, 1974 and made her first profession on 24th May, 1976. On 8th May 1981, she pronounced her final ‘Yes’ to her beloved. For a long period of 36 years she generously and lovingly rendered her service in our School at Bondel, Mangalore. She also served the Congregation as Superior in Mary Immaculate convent- Bondel and St. Ignatius Convent- Paladka.

She possessed a genuine joyful spirit, loved and cared for everyone. She inspired those who lived with her, by her life of prayer, deep trust in the Lord, sacrificing spirit, simplicity and gentle dealings. She was gifted with a taste for art, needle work, cooking and gardening. Her active involvement in the pastoral and catechetical activities and as an organist in the Parish choir endeared to many. She found time to visit the Parishioners and the neighborhood families and maintained a good rapport with the people of the locality. She was concerned about the welfare of the marginalized and the poor, especially women and children and she provided them with food and nutrition.

Sr. Amala was a person with gratitude and often commented thus: ‘my Congregation has done so much for me’. She communicated a sense of sufficiency, gratefulness and had a positive attitude that edified and inspired all who visited her. In the words of one of her pupils ‘she was loving and approachable, persistent and courageous to communicate God’s love to the young minds and did simple things with great love’.

The short life of Sr. Amala was filled with many ailments, pain and suffering and she accepted it generously and endured cheerfully. She was a known case of Rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo and interstitial lung disease was on treatment for many years. Over a period of time she withstood thirteen surgeries. On 30th December 2016 she was rushed from Ursuline convent- Mirjan to Holy Family Hospital-Bandra as her symptoms aggravated. After a short period of hospitalization she was taking rest at Holy Family convent-Kurla. Unfortunately she suffered a subdural hematoma on 24th March. On the same day she underwent an emergency craniotomy and subsequently a cranioplasty in the month of July 2017.

During her convalescent period she was detected to have chronic liver disease, and was hospitalized several times for the same. However on 15th July 2017, she was admitted with jaundice and diagnosed with ascites due to liver failure. In spite of all medical treatment her condition deteriorated gradually.

From 1st August she was drowsy and was not able to respond much. Often she used to say ‘I want to be freed from the physical pain to be with the Lord.’ On 3rd August, she was disoriented and was responding intermittently. The anointing of the sick was administered on the same evening by Rev Fr. Antony Alphonso the Assistant Parish Priest of St. Andrew’s Parish, Bandra. On 5th August, Sr. Amala’s condition worsened further yet she was calm and continued to suffer silently. Some of the Ursuline sisters from far and nearby communities and her brother’s family had come to visit her. They sang some of her favorite hymns and prayed in Konkani. They found her gradually fading away and many Ursulines witnessed her last breath peacefully with angelic serenity. At 3.30 pm in the consoling presence of her brother Dominic Lobo and his family and Ursuline sisters, she calmly took her flight to heaven.

We are truly hopeful that the Angels carried her to the home of God’s GLORY and that the saints of God welcomed her to the land of the LIVING. May the bereaved family and her Ursuline Sisters find strength in the Resurrection of Jesus, our Lord and Master.

May her intercession from heaven above shower graces now and always.