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1991 – 2020

  Ursuline Convent, Bande Bommasandra, Karnataka  – 1993                                                                                                    

In the year 1993, the province extended its socio-medical apostolate into the interior villages of the Bengaluru District. The sisters started visiting the villages and quarries 20 kilometers out of Bengaluru city. In the same year they began staying in a village called Yerappanahally in a rented house. A Health Clinic had also been opened

The Social Centre named Preethi Mahilodaya which started in a rented house, conducted activities such as Youth clubs, children clubs, Mahila Mandals, tailoring classes, Basic education for the children and awareness in personal hygiene, preventive health care etc.

For almost 7 years the sisters lived in a rented house with the minimum comforts and amenities. In 1999 a plot of land was acquired at Bande Bommasandra and in 2000 the blessing and inauguration of the new convent took place. In addition a dispensary and a large shed for the Social Work Centre was also constructed.

The social work and the dispensary started functioning in full swing. The main beneficiaries of the dispensary were the quarry workers who were poor and were treated with a minimal fee.

In 2017, Preethi Nivas Wellness Centre was started to cater to the health and wellness of the people through Naturopathy Treatment.

At Bande Bommasandra the sisters are involved in Socio-Medical Apostolate.

Ursuline Convent, Kumbalgodu, Karnataka – 2002

Being open to the signs of the time and desiring to launch out into the healing ministry of Jesus, the Ursulines were on the lookout for a plot of land to start a hospice to serve the terminally ill AIDS patients. So a plot of land was acquired at Kumbalgodu, Kengheri on 2002.

In the same year the sisters made their entry into a small farm house and prepared it for their habitation. They were involved in teaching catechism in the parish, visiting families and conducting free tuition to the needy students of the locality and the neighboring villages.

 As the years passed, it was found that the plot was ill suited for the original plan of caring for the HIV patients due to the lack of hospital facilities available in the vicinity. Hence the changed plan was to start a hostel for girls. The foundation stone was laid in 2007 and the solemn blessing and inauguration of the Ursuline Convent and Jyothi Nilaya Study House was in 2008.

The hostel accommodates students from Christ University who are pursuing their MBA, Engineering and Architectural studies. They are from different parts of the country adding beauty and richness to their life in the study house.

On 15th June 2009, the Pre-Nursery was started which continued only for two years.

Due to the request made by the management of Christ University to accommodate more students, one more floor was added to the existing study house building.

The Jyothi Nilaya Study House presently accommodates around 200 students studying in Christ University.

Brigida Nivas, T.C Palaya, Bangalore – 2003

“Nivedita”, a novitiate house for the young budding Ursulines existed at Thambuchetty Palaya, Bangalore, from the year 1990. Beside this existing land, another plot of land was acquired by the Ursulines in the year 1991 and a small farm house was constructed. Number of sisters continued to stay in this farm house as a community until 2002.

In the General Chapter 1997, it was decided to separate the novitiate – each in the respective Province and use Nivedita as a common house for the on-going formation programmes. It was then that the existing formation house which accommodated the candidates and Pre-novices in Tanmaya, Nashik, became the novitiate of the Sacred Heart Province.

The stages of Candidacy and Pre-novitiate were moved to St. Rita’s Convent, Maina, Goa. After a year the candidates and pre-novices were shifted to the Ursuline Convent at Davis Road. While they continued to be in this place for two years, the existing farm house at T.C Palaya was re-constructed to accommodate them. Eventually, a long awaited dream to have a house for the initial stages of formation for the Province became a reality.

On 10th May 2003 the convent was blessed and named “Brigida Nivas”, after the Foundress Blessed Brigida Morello. Since then several batches of candidates and pre-novices passed through its portals, being taught and having learned the rudimentary lessons of religious life.

Morello Convent, Srirangapatna, Karnataka – 2006

Srirangapatna, the abode of Tippu Sultan, is a historical city which comes under the Diocese of Mysore. The Ursulines stepped into this city which revealed the need of an English Medium School in the locality. 

On 18th January 2006, a large piece of land, a kilometer away from the Mysore-Bangalore highway was purchased. On 6th May 2006, a small house – Morello Convent was blessed by Rt. Rev. Thomas Vazhapally, Bishop of Mysore.

On 15th June 2006 the ‘Morello School’ was officially started with the LKG Section having seven students.

In 2007 the school received the NOC from the Educational Department and the permission was granted to construct the school building in 2008. On the feast of St. Joseph, 19th March 2009 the foundation stone for the school building was laid by Rt. Rev. Thomas Vazhapally, Bishop of Mysore.

With the steady and untiring work of the sisters the school obtained the affiliation from the ICSE Board in 2009 and Jyothi Nivas School commenced the classes from I to V.

4th September 2010, on the feast of the Foundress Blessed Brigida Morello, Jyothi Nivas School at Srirangapatna was blessed by Rt. Rev. Thomas Vazhapally, Bishop of Mysore.

A part of the second floor of the school was converted into sister’s quarters and they used this as their residence.  After a long stay of adjustment in the school building, finally the sisters had their own residence – Morello Convent, Srirangapatna which was blessed by Rt. Rev. K. William Antony Bishop of Mysore on 28th September 2019.