“Jesus appointed twelve whom he also named apostles to be with him and to be sent out to proclaim the message.”  (Mk. 3:13-15)

‘Come and see’ (Jn. 1:39) with these words Jesus initiated the formation of the ones who sought to follow Him by a process that gradually transformed them into His disciples.  

Formation is a process of becoming increasingly a disciple of Christ and of growing in union with Him. It is a progressive growth, a dynamic movement of openness to constant conversion to discover the true self and the real identity of oneself in God.  

In the Initial Formation the central cord that unifies all programs of our formation is to lead the candidates to a personal encounter with Christ. A candidate may begin her formative journey with mixed motives. However, providing an atmosphere for interior silence, personal prayer, study and meditation on the Word of God, opportunities to carry out concrete apostolic activities to deepen the missionary spirit and regular spiritual accompaniment are all aids to encounter Christ in which the candidate awakens to her true self. 

The formator is a facilitator and a guide to the young candidates in their faith journey – one who helps them to develop the capacity to reflect on the many levels of their experiences, physical, psycho-spiritual, intellectual, moral and social in an integrated and holistic way.

Life in Formation……

Ongoing Formation 

Religious formation is a life time project and a call to constant conversion and growth. Ongoing formation is an intrinsic requirement for religious life. It assumes a very vivid significance for the religious, consecrated to the active life, since they are more immediately involved in the world, and hence more affected by it’s changes, it’s confusing variety of ideologies and the constant influence of mass-media.  

In all its physical, psychic and spiritual components, the personality is under the influence of continuous change, constantly reacting to interior and exterior movements, experiences and events. Therefore it must be the permanent disposition to become more like Christ, in acquiring his very attitudes and dispositions, a task which must last one’s whole life.