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    Ursuline Provincialate

                               26 Davis Road, Bangalore – 1966                                                                                                                    

The Ursulines of Mary Immaculate began the Indian Mission in the year 1934 establishing the first house at Calicut, Kerala.

Divine Providence designs things and events in amazing and incomprehensible ways. After a long period of 32 years of our existence and missionary activities in various parts of south and north India, a new branch of Ursulines was established in the year 1966 in Bangalore, 26 Davis Road.

God’s ways are marvellous, in 1966, A Dr. Teddy Fernandes, who ran a clinic on Pottery Road, Bangalore East, was failing in health. Mother Stephania Murelli, the then Delegate Superior, was requested to take charge of the clinic, with the understanding that the clinic would be handed over to the Ursulines. This most unexpected invitation was a wonderful opportunity to have a convent in Bangalore – an opportunity always looked for, to house the junior sisters, as the city had a large number of well-established religious houses that could be of great spiritual help and guidance to the sisters.

Hence it transpired that four Ursulines came to Bangalore on 11th June 1966 and worked in the clinic satisfactorily. But the proposed plan of taking over the clinic did not materialize. Nevertheless, the delegate Superior stayed on and explored the possibility of starting a new foundation. Just at this moment providence stepped in!

A Mr. Sanjivi decided to sell his house on Davis Road to go abroad and settle down. Immediately, the delegate Superior was contacted and the deal was clinched. Everyone’s wish became a reality and the Ursulines were firmly planted in the soil of the Garden city of Bangalore. The sisters occupied the new house on 26 Davis Road on 19th July 1966 and immediately started a dispensary in the garage of the new quarters. But the dispensary was closed down in 1970.

In 1968, one of the Italian Pioneers, Mother Margaret Benocci, arrived in Bangalore. She proved herself brave and courageous to take up challenges. Placing her trust in the Divine Providence amidst difficulties and hardships she launched the big project of building a separate wing to house the junior sisters to continue their spiritual and academic studies. Within two years, in 1970 the new wing was built. Since there were no juniors that year, the girls who were desperately looking for hostel accommodation were admitted.

In response to Vatican II, on 10th June 1973, the Juniorate program was initiated with the first batch of Juniors.

There was no regular source of income and hence the decision was to start a hostel for young girls who were crowding into Bangalore for work and studies. A plot of land was purchased just behind the existing convent, for a future hostel. With the help of generous benefactors, the building was completed in 1979. As the building was ready, there was a steady flow of young girls seeking accommodation in the Ursuline Hostel.
Mother Aloysia Vaz, who took charge of the Indian Mission as Delegate Superior in April 1971, took keen interest in all the events and progress of this house.

The Golden jubilee year of our Indian Mission in 1984, was marked by new events of great significance. The biennial conference for the superiors and programs on spiritual renewal for the sisters were organized. It has been a great asset for all the Ursuline sisters in the Indian Mission for spiritual enrichment.

With the birth of the 3 Provinces in India in 1988, the Ursuline Convent at 26, Davis Road became the Provincialate of the Sacred Heart Province.

On 1st June 1999, the newly-built Provincialate and the Chapel were blessed by His Grace Rt. Rev. Ignatius Pinto, the then Archbishop of Bangalore.

The Ursuline Convent at Davis Road is the lighthouse of the Province and a beehive of activity. It is attached to the Provincialate, hence it is like the ‘mother house’ of the Province that nourishes and motivates the members of the Province physically and spiritually.

The Lord’s blessings are graciously showered upon us as He intervenes in our lives through various persons and events. The Provincialate community other than the Provincial and her team consists of a few retired and senior sisters of the Province as well as the student sisters.

It is the prayer house which energizes the Province with incessant prayers, intercessions and adoration. We also participate in the prayer meetings organized by different prayer groups, SCC and other movements of the Parish like Charismatic and Sierra Club. The Sisters are also involved in teaching Catechism, Family apostolate and distribution of communion to the sick and homebound. The community members are engaged in running the hostel for students and working women who attend the colleges and work in institutions around.

On 11th June 2016, the Golden bells chimed announcing the 50 Years of our existence at Ursuline Convent, 26 Davis Road, Bangalore.

FOR ALL THAT HAS BEEN THANKS were the sentiments overwhelmed, as the day was celebrated in thanksgiving to God emphasizing the abundant blessings in the lives of the Ursulines, who lived and enriched the lives of others by their graceful living and dedicated service.

FOR ALL THAT WILL BE ‘YES’ in the years to come as Gold turns to Diamond!!!


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