Dec 17

Hostel Day


The hostel experience of Dr. Garima Mohan who is staying in Ursuline girls’ hostel for the past 5 yrs. Time just flies , it feels that I have come yesterday only. It has been a great experience staying in such a peaceful place where one can, not only widen the knowledge or to say, to get a degree and to move away but it is a place where one is helped to achieve a peaceful state of mind and to bring out the best in oneself.

Indian Sage Purandara Dâsa sang – “There exists my divine abode; this earth was never my true home …”  Look at the way our human mind works. But as for me  I feel that I have had the foretaste of my true  home  here in this hostel. I have no doubt that I Have  learned the most  – to flow like a river that neither clings to its banks nor shies away from rocks. Accept each situation as it comes and  to relish  things  that are divine in nature. Whatever I have become today is only because of Srs. Denise and Anila who are  not my wardens but they are  mothers who are vigilant, encouraging always, patient and motivators with exactness. I do feel free to share my struggles and pains, joys and sorrows with them. Their encouraging words are balm to the souls


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